About the ” Moonlightgirl”

me1Hi!!!!! Everyone just calls me the “Moon” because my real name is Volana which means the moon in malagasy. I’m crazy about MUSIC ( my favourite singers are : Rihanna; Beyoncé; Simple Plan; Chris Brown; …….etc); DANCING ( i don’t stop till I can’t move anymore); READING ( my favourite authors that really inspired me are: Stephen King; Nora Roberts; C.S Lewis; Edgar Alan Poe; ……etc); WRITING STORIES ( i have a great imagination. I’ve been writing since I was a kid.); above all LAUGHING ( I really like being around people with a great sense of Humor.”

My slogan in Life are ” Let our body age ; but our heart and soul will stay forever young. Don’t let life problems get to you. Just enjoy every moment of life . Have FUN! FUN! FUN! and always smile and laugh like me!!!!!!

For those people who already know me. I’m a very open – minded ; out – going ; REALLY COOL type of person.

I LOVE making people’s day . When they are happy; I’m happy too.

Above all; my blog is dedicated to all Short Story lovers. The stories I write in here, won’t disappoint you. Some are true stories and some are just my imagination.

Have FUN! I want to share you all of you what I love doing the most : is writing STORIES!!!!

With alot of LOVE from


18 thoughts on “About the ” Moonlightgirl”

  1. I love all Edgar Alan Poe poems, I think he is a genius in writing.
    I guess I’m always a bright happy Moon.
    Yes, the one that brightens the way during the dark night.

  2. I woke up in the mainland of Lordaeron the nose in blood. I looked around and saw a lot of bodies in shreds, human bodies. Then I heard someone screaming. I looked to the East and saw a man calling me. I began to run toward him, without taking care of the corpses around me. When I reach him, I felt warm and calm, I took my axe and I cut his neck in a swing. His head fell on the ground and all the orcish warriors who were around just began singing the Hymn of the Heroes. It’s there that I’ve seen that I was an Orc. My skin was green, my teeths were sharp and my arm, strong.
    It’s this day that I became the young chief of the Hord, Thrall, son of Durotan, the hero.
    I was what you call a Far-Seer. In dreams, I’ve been warned of a future danger by a crow. He adviced me to leave the lands of Azeroth and to sail to the far lands of Kalimdor. I took my people with me but we’ve been taken in a maelstrom and our ships were drown. Fortunately, we were near an island and we survived. In the islands were we’ve been scatered, we met the Trolls. This is a young tribe of javelin-thrower and head-cuter. Their doctor healed our wounded warrior. We thought that we could build a new nation here, far from the war with humans, but we were wrong.
    Actually, the islands didn’t belong to Trolls, but to a powerfull Witch. She enslaved the Trolls and tried to do the same with us. I gave the order to my soldiers to retrieve our scatered troups and to regroup on the beach. But, meanwhile, I’ve been captured with the chief (and elder) of the Trolls. We managed to get out of their underground jail and reached the beach, where all my brave warriors and all the remaining Trolls waited for us.
    They tried to rebuild the ships but they hadn’t enough time. We will be forced to fight against the dark forces of the island until all ships are ready. We fought the whole night against the slaves of the Witch.
    At dawn, the flags of Orcs and Trolls still stood high in the azure sky. My brother was still fighting, felling all that comes near him, with an impressive battle hunger when our engineer finished their work. We fled to the East, seen the Echo Islands for the last time. That’s how it began. That’s how I’ve been thrown into the world of Warcraft, the mightiest RTS (real time strategy) of all time. Ah, and I almost forgot, hello.

  3. I’m very impressed with your story.
    It’s great to know that someone out there shares the same love in reading and writing stories like me.

  4. A friend of mine who has one of those Photo shop took this picture of me. It’s my favourite of all the pictures I’d ever taken in my life.

  5. Hi again Moon
    i pretty love that nickname, but not Volana; i began to read your blog and it’s very interesting, we almost have the same interests abot music; and your pix is nice, BUT as you love laughing, having fun, you should smile on it.
    Read U later…

  6. Hi Moon!
    I enjoyed reading your short stories. I’d love to get Malagasy writers to participate in the next NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Check the info at http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/faq

    I’m planning to organize one among Malagasy writers (in Madagascar and all over the world). Email me for more info, if you are interested.

  7. Hi Everyone
    I bet you re wondering what is this green looking blog
    I m not really crazy about the color green
    It was the picture of the girl that really attracted me
    It looks like me dancing LOL!!!!

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