A Night to Remember

A group of good friends planned an outting day to Volana’s Uncle old shack in the woods. Everyone was hanging around the car, trying to stuff their belongings in the trunk of the car. “Girls, we’ll be just gone for one day, not a year.” Moma mumbled, while putting the stuff in the trunk.

« I hope you guys are excited, I’m surely am. I couldn’t wait for this day to come. It took forever.” Volana told her friends.

“ I’m glad I can take my doggy Bolo with me. He’ll be happy to run wild in the woods.” Fara said excitedly.

“ Make sure , that he doesn’t come back home with tons of fleas.” Tahiana said laughing. Fara just glared at him.

“ Come on , guys, we don’t got all day to argue about a dog. Let’s get going!” Andry told them.

“ Man, I miss my girlfriend, I wish I could’ve taken her with me. One night without a girl, you know how it’s like.” Sambatra complained.

“ Please, Sambatra, we don’t even have enough room for us in the car. A day without seeing her, won’t kill you.” Lalah told him.

“ Get in the car, guys and let’s get out of here! Too bad that José couldn’t join us.” Moma said.

“ Yeah, he mentioned that he has a family event to prepare. But he wishes us to have fun.” Tahiana said.

“ Next time,he’ll join us. We’re going to have a blast, right Volana?” Andry asked.

“ A lot of fun, it will be a night you guys will never forget in your life.”

“ I’m worried already?” Tahiana said frowning.

“ Come on, Tahiana with Volana , what can go wrong?” Fara said gigglying.

He just sighed and went to join Sambatra and Andry who was arguing over something.

They all packed in the car like sardines. It was just a 2 hours drive from town.

“ The road is terrible, I can get a flat tire.”Moma complained.

“ Don’t worry, if that happens we have strong guys to push the car until we get there.” Diana said.

“ Why does it always have to be the men to do the dirty job?” Andry asked them.

“ No way; we’re going to get out and push the car.” The girls squealed together.

“ What are you afraid of to break a nail or what!!” Sambatra said.

“ I don’t want to get my clothes dirty. For you boys it doesn’t matter. You don’t care about your looks!!” Fara told him.

“ Is the place big?” Moma asked, changing the subject.

“ No not really , we’ll have alot of activities to do during the night. So I guess, we won’t have time to sleep.” Volana said.

“ I wish I bought my laptop, so we could watch some animation movies.” Diana sighed.

“Please, Diana , we don’t want to be in the middle of the woods, watching Shrek or Nemo! What about something more interesting like a Rebel without a cause!” Andry suggested.

“No way, man. I’m gonna watch that!” Tahiana protested.

“ You , guys haven’t even seen it yet. It’s a great to classic.” Andry said.

“Boring!!” Diana said, yawning.

“ Are we there yet, Bolo keeps squirming, I guess, he wants to pee.”Fara said , trying to hold tight to the little dog.

“ He’s not the only one. Can’t we stop , Moma. To take a leak. I don’t want to piss in my pants , you know.!” Sambatra complained.

“ Men , with their little bladders. Can’t you hold it until we get there!” Lalah asked Sambatra.

“We’re already here, there’s the old shack.” Volana told them pointing at a wooden little house.

“ It looks spooky!” Diana commented , shivering.

“ Come on , guys . Grab your stuff and let’s get in!” Moma told them.

“ I’m starved!! Let’s start cooking our “silamangany soup”.” Andry, said looking around for the kitchen.

“ I can’t find Bolo, he ran off! Moma, do something,help me find him!!!” Fara said, panicking.

“Wow! How time flies, it’s a good thing that we already ate something in the car. Girls , get up and help us arrange this place.” Tahiana said.

“ Be nice , boys! Let us ladies take a break from the housework. We’ll just sit here and cross our arms and watch you guys clean up!” Lalah said laughing with the other girls.

“We’re back, Bolo was hiding behind a tree, taking a poop. I swear, if I lost my dog. There will be big trouble.” Fara said, sitting next to Volana who laughing so hard.

“ What’s so funny, Volana.” Diana asked.

“ You, guys are funny. Each of you are complaining about your personal problems.”

“ I can’t even see any chicks out there. I’m really in the wild!” Sambatra

“Ok, it’s getting dark. Let’s play some games until Andry’s speciality is cooked. I want everyone to sit in a big cirlce and hold hands. This game is called light as a feather. This is how we play it. One of us lies down on the floor in the middle of the circle. The others try to lift this person, with just one finger. Use the forefinger. You just chant after me and we’ll try to lift the person who will become light as a feather. After we’ll let go, and the person will float in the air. This game needs alot of concentration. Who is the volunteer?” Volana asked them. The others just looked at each other.

“Scary cats, it’s just a game. Let me do it !” Sambatra said, lying down in the middle.

” What a brave guy! You guys are a bunch of sissies! What are you afraid of , it’s just a game.” Diana said.

” What if we don’t wake up anymore? Why didn’t you volunteer?” Lalah asked worriedly.

” I was about too, but Sambatra said it first.” Diana answered.

“Ok, everyone needs to concentrate, first of all, hold each hands. Listen don’t say a word. As you lie there, you fall into a deep, deep sleep. Relax your body, don’t think of anything. You’ll enter a new world. It’s time for everyone to place their forefinger and close your eyes, and lift him slowly.” Volana told them.

Outside it suddenly became very windy, and the shack started shaking, like there was an earthquake.

“Oh my gosh! Look! Sambatra is floating in the air.” Lalah shrieked.

“ He looks unconscious or in some kind of very deep sleep.” Tahiana said, worriedly.

“ Just leave him, he’ll wake up by himself.” Volana told him.

“ Guys, I hear the car engine on. I think someone is trying to steal Moma’s car.” Diana squealed.

Moma ran to open the front door but surprised to find it very locked. “ Where’s the key?” he asked.

“There’s no key for that door, just a latch.” Volana told him.

They couldn’t open the door and even any windows. The shack started to shake again.

“ I want to go home.” Diana whined.

“ This place has something. Where did Sambatra go? He disappeared.” Tahiana told them.

“No matter what you do, you can’t leave this place. Unless, one of become my sacrifice.” A voice boomed.

“ Sacrifice Bolo and let’s get the hell out here!” Andry advised.

“WHAT! You better take back what you said.” Fara said angrily.

“ Come on; I was just kidding!!” he replied.

“ How can you joke at moment like this. Moma are you ok?” Lalah asked.

“ Do I look ok; someone stole my car!!” Moma snapped.

“ How can we get back home?” Diana asked.

“ By foot , it’s only a 2 hour walk. That’s not the problem; now. How to get out this shack!” Tahiana said.

“ Guys, quite bickering. We’re in deep shit now! Volana told them.

“ I can’t stay here forever, I have a very important meeting with a client at work tomorrow. Find a solution as quick as possible!” Andry ordered.

“ How can you think of work at this moment!” Diana yelled.

Tonight, you’ll see the doors of hell open under your feet!” the voice said laughing very loud.

The girls huddled each other crying their eyes out.

“ Guys, I guess this is the end.” Volana told them. The floor opened and all of them fell in a deep hole.

“Get your foot off my back.” Fara yelled.

“Where did my glasses go?” Andry asked.

“ There it is, be careful not to step on it.” Lalah told him.

“ It’s so hot and suffocating in here.” Diana complained.

“ Quite licking my face, Bolo.” Sambatra said pushing the dog away.

“ Sambatra , you’re here. Where have you been?” Moma asked him.

“ Wasn’t I with you guys ? What happened?”

“ It’s a long story. My head hurts, what is this place!! Look ! over there i see a skull grinning at us!” Tahiana screeched.

Everyone was screaming their heads off; just trampling on each other. Before they knew it, everyone was lying on top of a grave.

A man approached them curiously. “ What are you doing here?” the man asked, who must be the grave keeper. No one couldn’t say a word.

“ You were inside this grave , weren’t you? Another victim again. B ut, a good thing that all of you found your way out. Is everyone ok?” the man asked.

“ I guess, as long as we’re all in one piece.” Moma answered.

“ The nighmare is over, but how can we get back home.” Lalah said.

“ Is that you’re car over there!” the grave keeper said, pointing .

“ My car!” Moma yelled.

“ Wait guys , someone is missing.” Sambatra said looking around.

“ Where’s Volana?” Fara asked.

Everyone looked around but couldn’t find her.

“ Don’t you guys remember the voice saying that the only way out is to have one of us as a sacrifice.” Lalah reminded them.

“ So, did Volana sacrifice her life for us.” Diana said with tears in her eyes.

“What can we do anymore, she’s gone. It will be a night that none of us will ever forget……..”

5 thoughts on “A Night to Remember

  1. Fabulous!
    The characters reflect eahc one’s personality so well lol (there’s no chicks around, rebel without a cause …) lol. I couldn’t help laughing from the begining till the end of the story.
    That’s so nice of you to sacrify yourself for your friends 😀

  2. ahahahahaahahahahahahhahaahahahahahaahaha
    and ahahahahahaahahah
    then ahahahahaahah
    again ahahahaahah

    so nice!
    waiting for the next outing lol

  3. I’m very glad and grateful that you guys like the story. I know all of you well. All of us , has their special characters. I guess, that makes us close to each other.
    Sure, i’ll write more stories about our little ” Gang”
    I think all of you guys are great. I hope our friendship will last forever!!!!

  4. OK! I’d go for the dog sacrifying!!!! I hate dogs! they stink!

    Anyway, it’s really a cool story! sad ending but funny story!
    And thanks for sacrifice! We would sacrify for you as well!

  5. OMG! I have to go kiss Bolo and thank god that he’s alive…
    Girl you see through us like glass…we can’t hide nothing from you, can we? At least you didn’t talk about my OTHER characteristics….hahaha.

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