MISA ( part I)

In general the City life is the same. In the street, you see people always in a rush to reach their destination. Their faces mostly worried or frowning. It’s really obvious that life really stresses them out. All they could think of is finding money to survive in this world. The pollution and heavy traffic jams practically everyday, and the high – priced life. For 12 yrs old girl Misa and her brother Tony , they had other worries than that. They lived an entire different life.

“I wish that woman will hurry up and throw it away. She’s just standing there , gossiping with that other woman. My stomach is growling .” Tony complained.

“ We have to be patient. Do you know what today is?”his sister asked him.

“Nope!” Tony replied staring non stop at the woman near the trash bin.

“It’s father’s day. Since yesterday, I heard people talking about buying gifts for their dad.”Misa sighed.

“They can do whatever they want . Who cares! She’s finally gone.” Tony quickly went to pick through the woman’s garbage.

Misa just looked at her brother sadly who was tearing the plastic bag open.

“Come here! Aren’t you starved? There’s no leftover here, not even a crumb of bread. Just waste papers and alot of potato peels. I guess, there’s no choice then to munch on these. Darn it, i wasn’t lucky today like yesterday. I found a burnt piece of steak and rice mixed with alot of fish bones and a stale bread. For me , it was a feast. It’s not bad after all, kind of tastes funny. Do you want some potato peels?” he asked his sister.

Misa shook her head and said:” Life is so unfair. Here we are stuffing ourselves with people’s waste. While they are eating alot of delicious foods at home. When they look at us, all they see are dirty, stinky, uneducated , people. When we come near them, they just push us away and tell us not to touch them because our hands are to filthy. Once , i passed by a store and heard the song of Phil Collins titled “Another day in paradise.” That song was talking about how people treat the destitutes like us. It made me realize that , we’re considered like burdens and a nothing for the society. I really miss our parents. Even if we have to live like this , at least as a family. But there’s only you and me left in this cruel world.”

“Misa, you and mom never talked about Dad. Where is he? What happened to him and why did he leave us?” the little boy asked curiously.

“I knew that one day, you’ll ask me that question. He’s in a great place now, where there’s no more sorrow, tears , pains and worries. I know that he’s very happy where he is now. You need to worry about him. He’s in good hands. It wasn’t his intention to leave us alone. This is what really happened to him.

One day I was very ill, and he told me that we have no money to buy medecine. He told us that he’ll try to find food to make me better. It was a Wednesday, the market day. There were alot of people there going back and forth through huge market. Mom and I decided to follow him there, even though i was very weak. We saw Dad go inside the market. After , a few minutes , we heard people making alot of noise and shouting things like: “Teach this thief a good lesson , so he won’t steal anymore!”

Dad replied in a small voice: “My daughter is very ill and I just wanted to bring her back these oranges to give her energy. Please, I didn’t mean any harm.”

The orange seller shouted:” That’s a lie, don’t believe him. If there’s no police around let’s take justice ourselves.”

Another man yelled!: “The only thing that you filthy people know is to rob us and our homes. You just create insecurity for the society. You’re too lazy to work, so you just beg.”

“ I won’t do it again, I promise:” Dad pleaded, but they didn’t listen to him. They beated and kicked him inhumanly. They didn’t stop until he didn’t budge anymore. We wanted to shriek but didn’t dare not wanting to make the situation worse. There was Dad lying in a his own pool of blood motionless. Mom and I were heartbroken , but we didn’t know what to do. We just stood there watching two men picking up Dad and throwing his body in a car like it was a body of a dead dog. The car left , leaving us shocked. That was the last moment we saw Dad. His death had been really hard on our mother. You were still a little baby then. She died of a bad heartache. I was obliged to be your mother and sister at the same time. Please , don’t cry Tony. little brother , you’re the only one I have left in this world. Promise me, that you’ll always be by myside and never leave me alone in this unfair world.”

“I promise that one day we’ll leave this darkness and see the light in our lives.” They hugged each other tightly.

The life was always the same routine for the two siblings. Hoping to find a bite to eat in dumps, begging for money, being pushed around by people, and sleeping on cold sidewalks or under the tunnel for warmth.

“Tony, let’s get out of here. People are just stepping all over us. Wake up!” She said shaking her little brother. He kust layed there groaning not wanting to move.

“ My belly hurts , let’s stay here.” He whispered.

“Are you all right. I noticed that you were different lately, kind of losing your appetit. What wrong? What did you eat?” she asked worriedly.

“I found a chunk of meat , that someone threw near the trash bin. And I ate it. Since then I started to vomit blood and even in my poops.”he said in a low voice.

Misa was panicked: “Oh my gosh! I heard people talking about getting rid of the stray dogs who might endanger people if they have rabies . You ate a poisoned meat!”

Tony didn’t answer and just layed there.

“ You can’t die, Tony! I need you. You can’t leave me alone! You can’t break your promise! Listen to me.” Misa said , sobbing really hard. She saw blood come out her brother’s mouth. She knew that he was gone for good when he didn’t reply. Misa stood up and layed her old worn out sweater to cover his body and left him there. Her world shattered , not knowing what to do or where to hide. She was absolutely , terrified of everything that was around her. She found a huge tree and hide behind it until the morning.

“ Hey! Little girl, wake up.” A woman told her.

Misa was still traumatized and didn’t really understand what the woman was telling her. She just followed obediently until they reached a brick house. During the way, the woman was really grouchy. Nothing made her happy.

To be continued…………..

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