October 14th 2008 ( Tuesday)

Tuesday, is one of those days that people don’t like. Some say, it’s not good to plan or do something on this day. For me, i think that when a bad day comes , it’ll come. I live at Ankatso, where the University is located. As I watch those university students leave the gate. I wonder to myself ; what are they thinking and especially hoping to become one day. Frankly, speaking I think sometimes it’s a waste of time and money studying in the university here in Madagascar. You spent so many years , learning a certain subject. But , what becomes of you after. That’s the question. I’ll give you the answer. In general ; Nothing! You wake up very early in the morning to start school at 6 a.m and don’t leave there until 6 p.m; working very hard during more than 4 years. What’s the result. A tired body , mind and jobless. Why. Because most of the companies ; especially here in “Tana” , don’t like hiring amateurs to work for them. They need people , who has more than 2 or 3 years of work experience; and even 10 years. Dream on! If I had a 10 yrs experience in a job, I’ll never leave it until i retire. Abroad , it’s possible to study and work at the same time. Here, that’s still a delicate subject. Most employers want someone who can work full time for them; not just part time. Let me tell you a true story that happened to a family member of mine.

Aina had just graduated from one of the most famous Tourism school in town. She had a chance to do some job training in certain hotels. She always wanted to work in those travel agency. Once she saw a job offer in the newspaper and decided to apply for the job. After a week ; she got a job interview. It was the manager of the travel agency that ; she had a chance to talk with. He had the nerve to tell her that there’s already a long waiting list of candidates wanting to apply for this position. But if she really wanted the job, she has to give him about more than 5.000.000 mfg. Well; Aina was really eager to work. She forced her parents to sell all their lands in the countryside and their other wealth. The parents wanted their child to succeed in life, so they accepted to do it. When she got all the money gathered, she went directly back to the man. He wasn’t there that day, so she left it with the receptionist. Days passed but the man didn’t call her yet. Finally, Aina decided to call him. He told her that she took long to give the money and the position was given to another person. She told him to give her back the money. The manager told her that there was no written proof that she gave him money. Even if Aina wanted to sue him ; she couldn’t because there was no written proof and witness. That day , her entire world shattered. Her family became very poor and she stayed jobless.

Until now, corruption is still a very serious problem here in Madagascar. Although there’s a special Organization to prevent and fight against it. Corruption will never disappear. As those who has the habit of doing and receiving it. They said it’s the quickest and easiest way to get money. I think it’s the most filthiest and innoble way to squeeze money out of people.

It’s also a way that prevent one country from developing, and a deviation to reach poverty. Don’t we realize that the reasons people want to work, is to get money. We need to work first before earning money. That’s really pathetic and stupid to ask the candidate for a job money !

Here ; we really need to change the mentality in order to progress in life. But if this continues, we’ll get nowhere……..

4 thoughts on “October 14th 2008 ( Tuesday)

  1. Heya Moon,

    I just discovered your blog today, as usual through very indirect means. I was checking my blog stats, and saw visitors coming from Globalvoices. I went there, and in the same article from Lova, there was a link to your blog. So here I am.
    Keep up the good work! You have a very refreshing style.

    Aina’s story is appaling. I still wonder how certain people can be so greedy and mean. Plus, how can you have dedicated employees if they will feel resentment their entire life against you? That’s total management non-sense.
    I am also wondering how Aina could be so naive, if not stupid. I understand that she was so desperate about getting this job. But for God’s sake, first get the job, and then pay! And if you pay, at least get some witnesses. No wonder why bribery and corruption is so widespread in this country.

    This little story is in fact the story of Madagascar. Powerful minority sucking as much as they can from the majority of poors. After centuries of such a bad treatment, people of Madagascar is still so naive and passive!

  2. Is it what we call wisdom or is it what we call faith. The everlasting hope of Malagasy People that everything will be allright by itslef. We wait and wait and …

  3. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoy it. That story is really sad but I have to agree with Madagascan. I mean how could she be so naive and give him money in exchange of a job? I certainly understand that situation are quite different in Madagascar with no hope at all for young graduates to find a good job but then sell all your possession for a position, who on Earth is naive enough to do that? That’s just corruption!!!

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