As I was walking in Analakely , I noticed a very black smoke. I went to join the other people to see what was happening. Today October 22nd 2008, there was a house on fire at Soarano. Everyone was just standing around it, waiting for the firefighters to come. This isn’t the first time , we had houses on fire like this. The problem is that by the time the fire truck; comes mostly the house is already into ashes. The cause of the fire , was that a child played with a lighter. But usually it is the other causes are of short circuit or just carelessness. The firefighters had difficulty putting it off but the crowd didn’t allow them to do their work. So they had to deal more with the crowd than the fire. There is a saying that ” Curiosity killed the cat.” In certain situation it isn’t always good to watch. Especially coming to close. There was also difficulty because the water they used was just gushing out. People were happy to see the flow of water in the street. Some actually stood there to wash there feet or took buckets to get water. I bet; some had this great too to take a bath there too. It was a pathetic sight. By that we can see that our firefighters aren’t really professionals yet. In crowds like that , the people who pickpocket are very happy. They take advantage of situations like that to earn money or something they didn’t sweat for. For the people it’s just another exciting event to watch , but for the owner of the house, it’s nothing but a great loss .

4 thoughts on “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

  1. There are always people who seek to profit from tragedies. I always wonder how they would feel if the roles were reversed and THEY were in an emergency with those around them acting like fools. Human nature is a funny thing.

    Were there any injuries?

  2. I heard that the two guys who were inside the house were safe. Cool!

    Yeah. One day some friends of mine had a car accident and instead of helping them, some people living in the surrounding area stole everything they could take: camera, money, phones…
    What a pity!

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