October 23rd 2008 ( Thursday)

What a weather today, since the morning cold and drizzlying! In fact, I prefer this kind of climat than those unbearable hot ones. It’s great to see the people trying to make their livings , no matter how the weather is. I passed by a woman who sells green leaves which we call in malagasy ” Anana”, on a plastic bag. I asked her what time do you come here to sell and what time do you go home. The woman told me that , during the market days , she sleeps here the night before. Imagine , sleeping on the cold hard and dirty ground during the whole night, because if you don’t do that. Your place might be taken by someone else. It’s hard to find money, but some people really do alot of sacrifices to earn money to put the bread on the table. These people just come to town from the countryside to sell their crops. Frankly, they don’t get alot of money, but for them no matter how much they get. It satisifies them.

In town ” Tana” , everyone has their way of gaining money. One guy sells shoe polishes, and he polishes the shoes of people to prove that the product that he’s selling is good. It’s fascinating to see these different activities. But most of these sellers don’t follow and respect the rules that the responsibles of the “Commune” disposed. At the same time, it makes the places look filthy. People just throw their trash everywhere. It’s not a good view to see and unhealthy.

Each of us want our country to develop. The best way is to work together and respect each other.

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