Watercolor Painting (Part II)

Here are some more of JIIN‘s watercolor paintings. The paintings already talk for themselves. If you walk around in the streets , you can see other interesting paintings as his. It’s not easy to create a work of art like this. It takes time and passion, and above all inspiration.

* Here we have a nice painting of the Ring tailed Lemur.

* Here is “Andrianampoinimerina” or “The-King-in-the-Heart-of-Imerina”, born as Rambo.salama or Ramboasalamarazaka, nicknamed Nampoina, Imboasalama, or Ny Ombalahibemaso “The-Big-Eyed-Bull”

* The Mpihira Gasy giving a dance demonstration

* A man making the famous “Mofo gasy” which is a Malagasy bread;made from a batter of sweetened rice flour that is poured into greased circular molds and cooked over charcoals.

* A man going home with his

* The little happy school boy holding his new satchel

*A man going back home with his zebu – drawn wagon

* A typical Malagasy woman piggy backing her child and holding the other one

*A strong young fisherman in his dugout canoe in the evening

*A young man trying to see who’s stronger and smarter him or the zebu

* A cock fight , whether you gain alot of money or lose all you have. Betting , which is the strongest cock

* A mother breast feeding her child.

* A dugout canoe left by it’s owner

6 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting (Part II)

  1. Hey you Moon, it’s Patrick, I talked to Natacha few days ago and she was very happy to hear Hello from your part. What great inspiration Moon, we can see that they are so talentive. See ya next time moon, we really enjoyed a very wonderful time with you. Ciao buona giornata

  2. awesome!!!
    is he selling or just showing them off?
    They’re really good, I mean really really really good 🙂

    btw, your blog rocks !!
    when you have nice things, think of using the creative commons license… at least for the awesome pics 😉

  3. These paintings are a geat inspiration. I thought I was struggling with my painting, but they are tones better than these poor efforts!!

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