Why blogging about Africa

Why blogging about Africa; it’s a very good question. I think it’s very important to blog about this huge continent which is well known as one of the poorest in the world. There are lot of things that are happening in those countries inside of Africa that we don’t know about. Even if I’d never been there before; I believe that the entire world can learn more about the Life; Customs; Traditions, and internal life in Africa by bloggers. The mass media , sometimes can hide the truth from us; but us bloggers can show and tell the reality.

By blogging about Africa; we can help the continent develop and fight against poverty. It helps those people who are open handed , to reach out to the African population and offer what they can. The more we blog about it, people will learn and appreciate the uniqueness of Africa. As all other countries Africa crave to have a change too.

One thought on “Why blogging about Africa

  1. Thanks for doing it, I can’t afford a vacation there and this is the next best thing to going and seeing… I find it all very interesting and enjoy your stories too!

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