Sea Fear!!

I can never forget the time I went on vacation at Manakara. I stayed there during 3 months . It’s a nice place with friendly people. I was a guest there for the first time . I didn’t really know much about the place and taboos. I’m crazy about the beach ; especially playing in the water. That day I was wearing sandals and decided to go knee deep in the water . The sea was very calm. I didn’t see any waves. My friends were chasing each other on the beach: while I was happy playing with the water.

Suddenly, I had this strange feeling . I felt something was  grabbing my leg and pulling me in the water. The water was very clear and I didn’t see anything. I started to panic and tried to get out but my legs felt like lead. I couldn’t move and the water was getting deeper. Finally; I screamed for help and my local friends came to rescue me. The minute he gave me his hand, that’s when I could move again. One of my sandal was gone. They could see the terrified look on my face and scolded me. They said I should had never entered that water because it didn’t like guests from other regions. And it was also looking for friend.  I told them that I didn’t know that.  They said that it took my sandal instead of me.

There are certain body of waters here in Madagascar that you can’t just enter without knowing more about it. That day I didn’t go near the beach for awhile. That’s why we hear alot of people die in the water and after awhile before they reappear.

2 thoughts on “Sea Fear!!

  1. u mean, the sea has a spirit or what?
    I’ve heard so much stories about these but never experienced, or seen any… it’s scary, I know. Who wants to die while on vacation, anyway so beware beware. Madagascar is huge and haunted 😛
    du coup, c’est encore plus exitant haha

    can’t help to notice though that this is a blow up for the tourism industry we’re struggling trying to promote 🙂

  2. you should know that Merina can’t just swim along the coast everywhere! there are a lot of fady’s. First thing you learn in Madagascar when you get to a new place always inquire about the local fady’s.

    Better luck next time!

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