Each time you leave your front door, sometimes you wonder what will you see or happen in the outside world. It was a Tuesday, and I took a bus to Ambohijatovo. There was alot of  traffic until the tunnel. It was a good thing that I was sitting near the window, sucking in polluted air; lol!! I really hate being stuck in traffic ; especially during a hot day. If you look at other bus riders, there practically snoring in there seats. And I wonder if they’ll wake up before they miss their stop. Well; I guess the weather can have that kind of affect on people. Waiting patiently as my bus creeps along. I suddenly put my head out the window; which is a stupid thing to do. Never try this kids!! What a surprise I saw; the cause of the traffic wasn’t because of a broken down car. I saw a  woman lying  right in the middle of the street. She looked kind of filthy and wet. So the cars tried not to step on her and they went slow. She seemed to be in a very deep sleep. She didn’t move at all. There was a policeman nearby, and I know he saw this woman who was creating the annoying traffic jam. He just didn’t care. He kept on doing his job. The people on the sidewalk was just gawking at the woman. No one didn’t do anything , to at least move her or wake her up.  The policeman pretended not to see her and why would others care? There was a four wheeler behind us, and I guess it didn’t see the woman lying there. It stepped over her arm. The weirdest thing was that she  didn’t budge. People started hollowing trying to warn the car. The driver didn’t care and ran over her. It was a good thing that he was going slow. If not, there would be blood everywhere.

Frankly, if something happens to you especially in the street. People will just stare at you and make the matter worse. A good Samaritan is very rare to see, nowadays. Once there was a young student at Andavamamba raped by a crazy man. No one tried to take the man off. Actually they were happy to see the ” live show”.  Who really cares if something happens to you in the street? The policeman? The other people?  So when you go out . It’s better if you be careful and you can’t always rely on people to help you.

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