Christmas in the Air!!!

img000052Christmas is in the air!!! All around Tana , you can see the streets crowded with sellers and people who are doing their Christmas shopping. The children are really happy to see the different kinds of toys. Some begs their parents to buy them what they like. If the parents can afford it, there’s no problem. But those who are still broke, their kids just have tantrums. It’s really difficult to keep them quiet. For some adults, looking at those toys reminds us of our childhood or just wish that we can become kids again and play with it.

During this time , people like decorating their homes with Christmas trees ( big or small). It’s nice to decorate with beautiful different kinds of ornaments. If you decide to decorate your tree with candies. Don’t be surprised if it disapears little by little.

img00009-23In this festivity , some likes disguising themselves. As in Santa Claus and roam around the streets to share candies to the children. The children are very happy and excited to see Santa Claus. Some are also terrified of the mask some Santa Clauses wear. The most important is that we can bring joy and put a smile on faces.


This girl is modeling for this artist who draws people’s portraits. This isn’t bad idea to give someone your portrait for a Christmas Gift. It would be different from the presents we usually give. Your family, friends, and love one will be thrilled to have a nice self portrait of you. Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyful and safe and above all FUN “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Air!!!

  1. dadabenoely o
    omeo bonbon zahay
    ataovy anaty kiraro o
    refa matory zahay

    ma chandelle est morte
    je n’ai plus de feu
    ouvre moi ta porte euh
    pour l’amour de dieu


  2. this is my favourite christmas song when I was a kid. My grandma taught it

    Hazo noely
    Tena modely
    Torio iely
    ‘reo zazakely

    Ny fo mifaly
    Toy ‘reo anjely
    Fa afa-jaly
    Ny mangidy ho tantely

    I dont think you know it guys

  3. A tree decorated with candy is probably the best present ever. Yum. Here, there’s tradition to decorate the tree with popcorn. Good for movie night. 😉
    Happy holidays, everyone!

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