Ndimby was the eldest of his 8 siblings and also the dumbest and unluckiest one. The others had the chance to finish their studies until the end. Despite of his laziness, Ndimby couldn’t even finish primary school. So he stayed illiterate compared to his siblings. He always considered school as a waste of time and energy. He’d rather hang out with his jobless and good for nothing friends. They gambled outside until dark. If gambling made him rich, he didn’t live with his old worned out parents in a shack. Ndimby was too stubborn and disrespectful even to his parents.

“Where did you put my gold ring?” his mom hollered.

“How am I suppose to know? It’s your stuff!” he yelled back.

“It didn’t just disappear in thin air or walked out the door by itself. Someone stole it and it’s you. No one else is capable to do that except you!! It’s not your first time to steal from your own home!” she said furiously.

“I sold it because I needed money. I don’t want to be broke in front of my friends.”

“How could you! That ring was a family heirloom. Can’t you earn money decently like the others? Instead of stealing from your own family. I want it back now!”

“Well, it’s too late. I’d already spent all the money. I need more!” Ndimby complained.

“Unbelievable! I break my back everyday washing people’s laundry. So I can put bread on the table. We took care of you, fed you, put a roof over your head. This is how you thank us by making our life miserable. I had enough get out of this house, right now!!”

Ndimby laughed hysterically and spitted on the floor: “Darn it woman! Who do you think would like to live in this rotten hut!” he yelled.

“How dare you disrespect me! If you were still little I gave you a good spanking. I don’t want to see your face around here anymore. We disown you as our son. You caused your father’s serious heart problem. You leave this house without our blessings. I curse you that you’ll live a misfortunate life. Nothing but misery and failure.”

“Your curse won’t have an effect on me. You’re just wasting your breath. And also wasting my time. I’m glad to leave this dump and explore this wonderful world. ”

“Ndimby , my heartaches and my tears are endless. I swear that all my sorrow will linger over your head like a black cloud that will darken your life.” his mother sobbed.

“Cry as much as you want and I don’t care even if you drown  in your tears. I’m leaving!”Ndimby said leaving his despaired mother.

As weeks passed, Ndimby couldn’t find a place to stay and hardly ate at all. One day he was starved and roamed through the woods weak of hunger. He spotted a tiny house.

“No one seems to be home. I’m lucky today.”

He broke in the house and rummaged everywhere. He found a box that had a very thick golden necklace.

“This must cost a fortune. Mom’s ring was worthless compared to this necklace.”

He put it on while admiring himself in the mirror.

“I’m exhausted , I’d better get out of here before I get caught.”

When he reached for the door, the golden necklace turned into a huge snake around his neck. Shocked, he couldn’t move. It was choking him to death, while suddenly the door flew open.

“I have an unexpected visitor. It seems that you need help. Who told you to try to steal from me.” the woman said laughing.

“You, witch! Take this horrible thing off me, before I choke to death!” Ndimby pleaded.

‘Not yet. You’re were very stupid to enter a witch’s home. You belong to me now. If you try to escape , you’ll suffer terribly. You won’t die but you’ll wish you could. Now you’re my slave and inheritance.” the witch told him.

“I want to go home!!”he wailed.

“Go home? This is your new home now! If you didn’t mistreat your parents. This had never happened.

5 thoughts on “THE CURSED

  1. There is a good message in the story. Nothing like Home.

    Sorry, I didn’t really like the part where the mother cursed his son. I don’t believe a mother can do such a thing even if she has an extremely bad kid.

  2. well at least now he has a roof
    and soon will learn some witchcraft moves
    he couldn’t turn out better with his education 😛

  3. Hi
    I am Roshan from India. I use to live in Madagascar 3 years ago. but now I have not seen mada for sometime. I lived in tana at Beseratte & in Tamatave at Tanamaku. Mada is very beautiful. An It was very peaceful then. But now I see in News there is lot of Political unrest in Tana. Pls tell me about the situtation in Mada. I wish everything gets fine & peaceful. I love Madagascar & I want to come back to Mada

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