Destruction of Antananarivo I (Crisis 2009)

The wounds from the Crisis 2002 hasn’t healed yet. During that time alot of people sacrificed their lives to see a new change for Madagascar. The age didn’t matter at that time. Malagasy people came together as one to  support  the candidate who they thought could bring hope and developpment for their beloved country Madagascar. During that time I was in Fianarantsoa, I remember the screams of terror of the people trying to run away from the gunshots and grenades and tear gas. I saw people die with my own eyes. It was really devastating. We prayed that terrible year will never return. Alot of families and friends died because they risked their lives.

Unfortunately the nightmare returned. Now we’re in the Crisis 2009. Some people were disappointed with those who lead the country. They think that Democracy isn’t respected. They showed their unhappiness by doing a strike first at Ambohijatovo and decided to go down to the famous 13 may. The saddest about it is that we just celebrated the New year 2009, hoping for a better life and maybe some of us had our New Years Resolutions and plans. To start this New year for us , Malagasy people is this terrible crisis.

As you see in the pictures above.Those who doesn’t accept the government and its surroundings sensitize people not to work or go to school, but to join them to do the strike. There were some schools , the strikers dared to terrorize the students to leave their school. Or they will take them out and destroy the schools. The students didn’t have a choice and left terrified. Even the policemen who are responsible of the circulation couldn’t do their job because of the strikers.

Certain people decided to find a way so that no one can go to work or to school. There was a group of guys who weren’t ashamed to empty the trashbins and carry it in the middle of the road.They used it  as roadblocks and even destroyed other objects to block the cars and buses  from going. Those who were obliged to go to work   had to walk. It wasn’t near at all. For me , I had to walk for 2 hours to reach my destination. Others joked that it was the best time to do exercise. It was very fustrating and tiring. They even blocked certain work places. The town became very filthy and caused more traffic than ever.

Is this how we should declare “Democracy”  by blocking the roads and terrorizing people???

Really, all of us Malagasy people should open our minds  and realize that what we’re doing isn’t making our lives better.  We’re just killing ourselves and destroying our country.

To be continued……

2 thoughts on “Destruction of Antananarivo I (Crisis 2009)

  1. This is what I don’t understand, they say freedom, democracy though they terrorize people forcing them to stay home. Parents are afraid to send their kids to school for rioters may take them by force.

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