Destruction of Antananarivo II ( Crisis 2009)

By looking at the pictures above , you can see how terrible the destruction was. During the last Crisis 2002, there wasn’t much damage compared to this time. Everyone was a victim. When Andry Rajoelina the Mayor and his followers decided to continue the strike at 13 mey avenue. They didn’t stop until they destroyed the capital Antananarivo. A group of men started to attack any shops and clothing departements, that they saw. They busted the entrances and so the people could go in. They didn’t just rob , they also burned down the place. The saddest is that alot of people got trapped in the fire , while they stole, and burned to death. They stole and broke everything that came in sight.

They actually dared to destroy and burn down the National TV and Radio which was never touched even in previous Crisis.

Now alot of people are jobless and the owners of the shops have a great deal of loss. Whoever commited those are God fearless people. Most of the stolen objects they sell it cheap in the street.

Now life became more difficult and expensive than before. Everyone suffers for the thoughtless acts that others did. The street are filthy.

What happened to the beautiful and clean Capital before??

It seems like a dream , if we look what became of it now.

Is this a way to declare ” Real Democracy” by robbing and burning down people’s places and stores??

Is Violence necessary to get what we want???

7 thoughts on “Destruction of Antananarivo II ( Crisis 2009)

  1. good job my dear.

    What happened to our poor country was so sad. I hope we won’t live such sad and frightening experience anymore.

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