No Place like Home

Mika and his sister Niry sat on the rotten log; thinking about how their Easter holidays would have been if their parents didn’t force them to go to the countryside.

“Now, my friends are having a blast at the concert. I can see them eating , drinking and dancing. While I’m here, playing Who blinks first with a cow.”

“Mika, you’re not the only one totally bored. Do you think I want to sit on this hard thing. I don’t want to sit on the grass. Who knows what is hiding underneath it.” Niry complained.

” I guess, if I don’t have anything to do. I’ll just chew some grass like this cow.” Mika whined.

“Seriously, I wonder how can the people here at countryside spend their day. I mean it’s driving me nuts.”

“Kids! Come inside , it’s time for lunch.” their mom called.

They entered the kitchen , barely seeeing anything. The room was nothing but smoke from the fire.

“I can’t breathe or even see anything!! Anyone in here?” Niry said.

” We’re all here. Sit down!! Try to enjoy your vacation!!” their dad told them.

Grand ma gave each of them a moutain of rice and a bowl with a chicken piece  floating in water.

“Doesn’t it look delicious!!” Dad said licking his lips.

“I bet we’ll be eating chicken every day by the time we leave this place. So don’t be surprised if we look like chickens when we get home!!” Mika whispered to his sister.

” Chicken for meals , and sweet potatoes as snacks!! yesterday, my belly ached so bad that I had to go out in the woods to do you know what!!”

“Did you wipe it with your hands? You know that toilet paper doesn’t exist here.” Mika asked looking at Niry’s hands.

“That’s gross!! Of course not. I just had to grab the nearest leaves.”

“Now , you have insects crawling up your ass. My leg itches bad. I’m being attacked by fleas and ticks.” Mika said.

” Don’t you remember what our cousins here said: When you can’t beat those insects; just eat them!” Niry giggled.

“You’re a big help! It takes forever for the day to end. What do you want to do? Go outside again and count the cow dungs we can find or stare at the landscape and yawn.”

“Wow , what a choice. How about if we just sit in our rooms and close our eyes. Hoping this is just all a nightmare!” Niry proposed.

The night , they waited for ages finally came.

‘ It’s bedtime kids. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” their mom cooed.

” I hope it doesn’t eat us alive.” Mika answered back.

” How can they sleep on this thin mat on this dirty floor. My backaches and I’m so uncomfortable. I want to go back home.” Niry cried.

” Cheer up , tonight is the last night for us to stay here. Try to enjoy it.” Mika told her.

It was dead quiet and pitch black in the room. None of them couldn’t sleep; except their parents.

” I can’t stand this anymore. I’m going to sit down.” Mika said to himself.

Across the room in the corner , there was a light. He saw someone sitting cross legged ; looking at him. He couldn’t really see the face. It seemed like a dark shadow. Mika was getting goose bumps. The thing was coming closer to him. he was so terrified that he force himself to sleep.

The next day, before the departure. Mika told his grand pa about what he saw. He told Mika that is was the ghost of an uncle; who always drops by when there are visitors.

The only words that came out of Mika’s mouth was :” There’s no place like home, where you don’t see strange things and you feel at ease.”

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