We do have very terrible roads here in Madagascar. This road , you see above is called ” DARAINY”. It’s the road , that separates Ambilobe and Vohemar. I really like travelling, but how can I ever forget the most terrifying moment in my life.

It was mid January, I was taking a vacation at Sambava. I did have a good time. I had to go home, and I knew that during the wrong moment. It was the cyclone season that time. So I left Sambava , on a Saturday afternoon. Usually , you have to ride those huge trucks with tons of passengers belongings on top of it. Frankly, it wasn’t comfortable at all. The seats were hard . When we passed by Vohemar, you could see the roads flooded with water. So the truck had to go slowly. The worst part was that we entered Darainy at night. In that place , there’s nothing but woods, and no houses at all. So if the truck gets stuck , it’s a day walk to get out of there. It started to rain , that’s when I got nervous . That means bad news, because the truck has to go very slow or either stop at a rain barrier. I wanted to get back home to Tana that bad. The road was flooded with water and very slippery. There’s were also alot of holes in the ground. We passed a little bridge. I mean the truck was just like skidding. It didn’t get better. The driver told everyone to hold on tight to their seat. For me I think he meant dear life. He told us that he had to pass this heavy truck by two thin woods, they call a bridge. If he goes slow the bridge will fall and so will the truck. He drove very fast , and we heard the bridge fall when we got on the safe side. We were relieved especially me. As we went on the truck started to tilt on one side. The driver told us that the two fell into a deep hole. Everyone started to whimper with fear. I was calling the Lord’s name. I thought the truck was about to fall over on one side. Miraculously, the driver kept the car going on full speed. That was the first time I’d ever rode in a car sideways. Everyone was really shooken up.

That’s how the passengers and the drivers of those trucks suffer during the wet seasons. It was an adventure for me that i’ll never forget. In a way , I don’t dare to go back on that road, but another part of me wants too.

4 thoughts on “NIGHTMARE ROAD ” DARAINY’

  1. I can guess how terrified you were. I lived the same experience (a very bad one) on the road to Mananjary. It took 4 days and 3 nights to go to there, when normally the trip from Tana to Mananjary should be only 24 hours. We run out of food and had to take some goyavas and bananas in the forest nearby. The men had to push the Taxi Brousse. We finnally arrived in Mananjary safe but tired and dirty 😀

    Nice post BTW, thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Yeahh, and she didn’t forget to take photos lool
    There are cases where the inhabitants themselves don’t want to have the road fixed because it’s a source of income for them.
    They can have alot of money during the rainy season.

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