Countryside In Madagascar

All around the world,  everyone doesn’t all live in a town or a city. Some prefers living at the countryside which isn’t a bad idea at all. In the city , it’s very filthy , polluted and crowded. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you hear is the noises from the cars and buses but in the countryside, just the sounds of the birds singing and the smell of pure air.

Here in Madagascar the types of houses, you see are different. It’s depends in which region you are . In the pics is the countryside here in Tana

It seems so quiet and peaceful  . Not worrying about always being in a hurry or where to buy food. You can just eat what you cultivated It’s also excellent for the health. In the city when you suck in air, you just start coughing. Here, in the countryside . It makes you feel like a new healthy person. The biggest disadvantage is the entertainment. If you don’t know how to amuse yourself by enjoying the nature . It can bore you to death.

Most of the elders , want to spend the rest of the days they have to live at the countryside . Living in the city can really tire us!!!

5 thoughts on “Countryside In Madagascar

  1. Great post Moon!

    I’d like to live in countrysides and have my own fields of rice, vegetables and fruits and have my own little stud farm 😀

    You’ll be invited to come 😀

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