World of Books

Do we really know the importance of reading? Some of us might love it or hate reading. Since I was a child my wildest dream was to be locked up in a library and read all day. Everyone has a choice is either to be hooked up on books or T.V or internet.

I bet you’re wondering , why do I love books so much. It’s because it gives you knowledge and above all let you enter a new world. Especially books without pictures, makes you use your imagination.

My life in writing stories were inspired by the books i’ve read. Some might say that it’s more boring than watching a good movie on T.V. It’s not if you know how to choose the right one to read.

For some culture , the children are used to be read to , before going to bed. Some are still very young. Even if they don’t understand it yet. When they get older, they’ll have the habit of picking out a book and read to themselves.

For us Malagasy people, I can tell you that we have great authors. I’ve read alot of malagasy books, not just tales but stories. I loved it. Why can’t we read to our children every night before they go to bed? All of you will say that : ” We’re tired from work and no time or no book to read.” . I’ll answer you by saying that there’s time for everything, and reading is very relaxing and we have alot of book shops here.It won’t hurt to give it a try.

Why not give a book as a birthday present. It would be something different. It’s up to you , to convince the person to read a book.

When I say read a book, I don’t mean only stories. Read newspaper,magazine, encyclopedias ….. etc

For me personally, I can’t live without reading a book.

Choice the right book to read and you won’t regret it!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “World of Books

  1. That’s right moon, we need reading and FS that’s what I lack now. Even though there is Internet, books will always have special place in people’s life.
    PS : don’t forget to bring a book on Sat uh!! 😀

  2. yeah, u’re right.
    myself, I read books every night. Not because I love it, I don’t — I actually hate it, but I’m having some trouble in getting to sleep. I’ve tried so many things but the best way to get over it is *unfortunately* reading…

    People who read are usually very smart, except if they read animated stories or porn magazines. The ones who read poetry and love stories, are smart too but usually locked in their fantasized world. And that’s why they’re usually disappointed with the real life… what I’m trying to say, for those peope of that type, is grow up and get real 🙂

    but that’s just my personnal opion… let me get my harlequin first to analyse that 🙄

  3. Yes Moon, you are so right about reading, particularly about reading to our children. My 4-year-old daughter insists I read her a short book every night before bed. That’s one thing I won’t deny her. Ten more minutes with a book does make a difference, I think. TV can be educational, but it is also distracting from what she really needs: skills. I see her skills building in this way: 1) Alphabet, 2) spelling simple words 3)numbers 4) simple add and subtract math 5) writing words 6) Reading. Watching educational TV can help develop skills, but it is not a skill in and of itself. I’d rather read her a Sponge Bob book for 10 minutes than have her hypnotized by another hour of Sponge Bob on TV. This life is full of signs and menus and lists and do’s and don’ts, being able to read is a survival skill. I’m glad that my daughter is already attracted to books and libraries. Like you say, it’s good to develop the habit.

  4. Your appreciation of books is echoed by my thoughts. I’ve always felt that a good can explore many of the hidden dimensions in any situation, whereas movies, tv shows, etc can only show surfaces of things. I like the philosophical depth of books.

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