When you leave your home, and walk into the world. Have your eyes open wide and look around you. You’ll see a lot of interesting, unbelievable things, and people. It was one of those weekends, when we decided not to stay home, and go out to eat. We went to a famous place where people can eat the “Best” pizza in town. It was crowded and we had to wait for an empty place. There were only two waiters to serve everyone, that’s why it took a longtime. I was beginning to lose my patience, but we kept on waiting anyway. Everyone there seemed to be well dressed and clean. In these kinds of places, everyone tries to show their best manners. You don’t want to do something embarrassing and attract everyone’s attention. Finally, we got a place.  There was a family across me. They had a boy and little girl. I know it’s rude to stare at people when they are eating, but this case was different. That family had already finished eating, except the boy who was taking all his time. The person with me asked if I smelled something funny. I did, but I couldn’t figure where it was coming from. I was sure it wasn’t their toilet. The place was really clean. Otherwise someone from the other tables forgot to take a bath in the morning. We ignored it and ate. The mother was nagging at her son to hurry up, but he didn’t care, and kept playing with his food. The little girl began to whine and climb on her mother’s lap. She was making a lot of noise which caught my attention. In front of everyone, the mother took off her daughter’s dirty diaper off, and put it on the table. Without any hesitation, she started to wipe her daughter’s butt for everyone to see.  I guess the others pretended not to see and ignore the awful smell, but I was totally grossed out. The two waiters were too busy running around taking the clients orders to notice anything.  At least she could have gotten up and took her kid to the toilet to clean her up. She didn’t bother. Her family didn’t say anything. I mean no one said anything. I bet you’re wondering why I am complaining. It’s not that I’m complaining. I was shocked to see a family like that to act so uncivilized. I believe that when you are among other people, you should show your best manners. And not to do or say something that will offend the other people around you.

I remember once I was in the bus, and a man sat next to me. He was really filthy covered with mud. He was embarrassed to sit next to me, and apologized for being so dirty. He was trying to be very careful not to get too close until he got off. If only certain people could be like that. It’s not difficult to be polite. Others on the bus will just step on you or your clothes and not bother to say sorry.

It’s not the kind of clothes and living standards that we have that shows what type of person we are. Judging a person by their physical appearance isn’t always a good idea.

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