During the weekends, it’s usually crowded in town. In certain places, it seems that you have to squeeze between people to get somewhere. Here, the sidewalks aren’t for the pedestrians. It’s crammed with sellers. If you walk in the street, you’ll surely get hit by a car. You have no choice, and walk on the little space that’s left. I was waiting for the bus to go home, which took forever. Behind me, was a yogurt seller. He sold his yogurt in little plastic containers and some in glass. This is the situation when you can’t move. If I took a step back, I’d probably step on a seller. That won’t make them happy. If I stepped forward, a car would whisk me away. So there I was standing there like a statue; watching people pass by step on me. It takes a lot of tolerance when you go to town. A filthy bare footed man, carrying a black plastic bag approached. He was walking slow, taking all his time; busy looking at the merchandises of the sellers. His black plastic bag accidently pushed the yoghurts. Everyone was startled of the crashing noise. The street was covered with yoghurt. How angry the seller was! The seller was yelling at the poor man, that he doesn’t accept what happened. The poor man just stood there, open mouthed, wide-eyed , and trembled. He didn’t know what to say. People were beginning to gather around. I was there watching what happened , and watching out for my bus too. The seller what was forcing the poor man to pay for it. Everyone around knew that this man, couldn’t afford too. A woman with passed by and asked what was going on. The seller explained to her what happened. She asked the seller how much the poor man owes him. The seller told her about 16OO Ar. She took out her wallet and paid him the money. This woman doesn’t even know this poor man. She felt sorry for him, and helped out. She knew that the poor man would never have the money to pay for it. The man thanked her and left. When I saw her do that, my first thought was good –hearted people still exists in this world. If no one helped the poor man, the yogurt seller would have dragged him to the police station or beaten him. In life, we don’t know if someone is good or bad. We can’t judge them by the way they look. The poor man had a black plastic bag with him. No one knows what was inside of it. Maybe it was his personal belongings or even some objects he found in the trash. It was an accident that occurred. Even if we try to be very careful, when things happen, it happens. I don’t blame either of them, the yogurt seller or poor man. I understand if the yogurt seller was angry. Selling yogurt was maybe the only way , he can do to feed him family. It counts a lot for him. “ Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” If you still can do good things to other people; who knows one day you’ll be rewarded for you act of kindness, and generosity.


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  2. I’d definitely blame the yoghurt seller. Because yoghurt sellers are always bad persons who do evil things to this country. And because he doesn’t pay any tax to the CUA. And because sellers steal areas that should be used for other users.

  3. hummm nice story. This one makes me remember a story I’ve experienced in my childhood. I’ll tell it in my blog 😀

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