Can we really leave our babies alone with nannies? Are we taking a fatal risk? I’m not saying all nannies are bad. It depends on the person. Here are some problems parents had with their nanny. Both parents work. So they left their 7 month old baby with a nanny, they thought they could trust. When you have a baby, that bottle feed, you need to be very careful. The nursing bottle must be well cleaned and boiled, before using. Some nannies find it a hassle washing it. She doesn’t wash the nursing bottle, just rinse it. And give it to the baby after, which is very dangerous for the baby’s health. As my personal experience, I had a nanny for 2 months. She told me that she was well experienced of taking care of children; especially babies. I did trust her, but one day I was shocked. She was paid to help me out with my baby. So I thought she knew what she was doing, and I had nothing to worry about. It was a Saturday; she usually goes home during the weekend. I was washing the nursing bottle, when I noticed that its teat was a blackish color; because of dirt. The nanny didn’t bother washing the teat well then. A careless act like that can kill a baby. I’m grateful that my son didn’t get sick at all.

For some nannies, they hate feeding time, because it takes a lot of time. It does take awhile to feed a baby, who likes to take their time. So for those who are in a hurry, they drink the baby’s milk, pretend that it was the baby who had finished it. Some babies do starve of hunger or doesn’t get enough to eat.

The working parents told the nanny to make some tomato juice for the baby. At home, they have a well and inside water. The nanny hardly washed the tomatoes, and used the water from the well to make the juice. The baby got very sick and had a serious attack of diarrhea.  The baby couldn’t make any sound any more, and his mouth was just hanging wide open. If the parents didn’t take him immediately to the hospital, the baby would have died.

When I was told about that incident it really freaked me out. I decided to stop working, and stay home to take care of my son. Who knows when I’m not home, would happen to my son? Another reason I didn’t like keeping the nanny. She told me that it wasn’t good to take a baby often to the doctor.  She told me that she knew some home remedies to cure my baby if he gets sick. According to her, the best moment to take a baby or child to the doctor, when they’re really sick. She wanted to play the home doctor. Since then, I didn’t trust her anymore. If my baby was sick, she would hide it from me, and try to cure him herself.

Now I feel relieved. I’m the one taking care of my baby. I don’t need to worry about, how a nanny could harm my child. It’s tough juggling all housework and baby at the same time. You just need to get used to it.

For all parents and future parents, don’t take the risk in leaving your baby or child in the hand of a stranger. If you need to work, at least leave it with a person you really trust like a family member or a friend.

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