Before when people talks about finding their true love, it just made me laugh. I always considered them naïve fools, who believe in such nonsense. I guess I wasn’t a lucky guy. I usually ended up with snobbish materialistic girls, who know nothing about love. I want to fall in love and deserve to be happy like everyone. Everything changed for me the day I meet her. There she was standing near my bedside, so beautiful with her translucent dress and long black hair. She had this sweet and innocent face. I moment I saw her I knew deep down inside of me that she was the one. I’ve waited all my life. Ok, I admit that I’m not a great looking guy, but damn rich. I know I can offer a girl all that her heart desires, and she’ll do anything for return. It’s not what I want. I want to love and be loved. I know Mia will never cheat on me and break my heart. She’s mine, and I don’t have to worry about another guy taking her from me.

‘’ Patrick, yesterday when I passed by, you weren’t here. I was very sad. You promised me that you’ll always be there when I need you.”Mia approached him.

“Sorry my beauty. My buddies had suddenly a plan to hangout at Mahamasina. I swear I didn’t want to go, but they forced me. They said that it was the stupidest thing for a guy to stay home on a terrific Friday. We just ate and drunk beer all night. I hope you’re not angry.” Patrick explained; not daring to look at her eyes.

“I was very angry. Didn’t you notice that I messed up your entire room? I come here everyday late at night to visit you. You go out there to have fun with other people, how could you! I want you to introduce me to your friends. I deserve to have fun too!”

“Mia it won’t be that easy. I know my friends well.”

“You’re jealous! You’re afraid that they will hit on me. I want you to have a night party at your place, invite everyone.”

She was frustrated and left, he just laid there, feeling disappointed. He was expecting them to have their intimate moment together. He loved the way she touched him, till he fell asleep.

At work he couldn’t concentrate anymore. Patrick knew that if he didn’t introduce Mia to his friends, who knows what she’s capable of doing. He doesn’t want to hurt her feeling, especially make her mad. This girl is too precious for him to lose. Patrick poked his best friend Niaina, pretending to work on the computer though reading his emails.

“Tonight I want you to meet my girlfriend at my place. She really insisted in meeting my friends, but I chose you to meet Mia first.” Patrick whispered.

“I knew you were going out with someone. Why did you hide it from us, especially me your best buddy? Is she that hot? You’re the overprotective type of guy.” Niaina grinned showing all his yellow stained teeth.

“My parents won’t be at home tonight. They have some kind of family meeting. Come on over and you can sleep over too. They won’t mind.”

His friends always teased him about at his age still living with his folks. He didn’t care. Everything seems pretty cool, as long as he gives them the money they need. It was already 9 pm, Patrick paced back and forth in his room waiting for Niaina and Mia to come. He was nervous and excited at the same time. He wanted for such a long time to share his secret with someone. He knew that tonight will be the moment. Some knocked loudly on the front door. Patrick ran to open it up. There was Niaina standing there looking beat.

“Sorry if I’m late. I had an argument with my girlfriend. She wanted to come along, but I didn’t let her. I know that she doesn’t trust me. She thinks I’m screwing around. It was tough to convince her to stay. Is Mia there already?” Niaina said breathlessly trying to keep up with Patrick, who seems in a hurry.

“No, she’ll be here soon. Don’t worry about her.” Patrick replied.

Patrick told his friend to sit on the bed and wait. He felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t ashamed in being with Mia. She wasn’t ugly or anything just different from the other girls. He doesn’t want her to feel left out, and always be apart of his life. So she would be accepted by his friends and family.

“I want you to meet Niaina my best friend.” Patrick said, gazing across the room.

Niaina gave his friend an awkward look. A female voice replied softly “Nice to meet you Niaina”

Niaina turned around to see this mysterious person that Patrick never told him about.

His mouth dropped open and froze in his place.

“It’s a GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHOST!” the terrified guy shrieked and fainted.

“I told you my SECRET LOVE is special”. Patrick said proudly.

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