Close Betrayal

Liza thought that she had an almost perfect life. She had two kids, and a husband that worked hard. So she didn’t have to work. Her husband really spoiled her. He didn’t want his “Queen” to tire herself to much because she was one of those kinds of fragile women. That easily gets sick, when she does too much effort. Liza knew that no woman lived the way that she lived. When she wanted to get her husband’s attention; she would pretend to faint and be ill. Foolish husband believed her; and told her to find a maid to help her out with the housework. Liza wasn’t the type to trust any stranger to live with them. She asked her sister Tsiky to work for her. Tsiky didn’t have a choice. She wasn’t married, hardly finished school and was fed up living with their parents. She accepted the offer to be her sister’s maid. Now Liza lived in paradise. She had nothing to worry and above all goodbye to all house chores. Everyday she would wake up anytime she wants. While her husband wakes up early in the morning to start a fire; prepare breakfast for the family and wash the last night dishes. He doesn’t dare to wake up the maid; because it was his sister in law. He surely didn’t want to wake up his sleeping wife. Before the maid’s arrival, he already had the habit of it. When breakfast is ready, he goes to wake up his family. Before he goes to work, he takes the time to check his eldest daughter’s homework if it’s done. Everyday was the same for Liza; it was up to the maid to do everything. She would sweep the house until the maid comes back from taking the kids to school, and the market. She felt tired already and told the maid that she was going to take a rest. The maid her sister, knew she was in charge of everything and could do anything that she wanted. Liza would never know who spent most of her day sleeping. It was time to pick up the kids from school. Tsiky would leave the house early. She wanted to meet her boyfriend. They would talk and flirt endlessly. Losing the track of time, the kids would be waiting alone at school. Tsiky knew that they were late for lunch. She would tell the kids to lie to their mother, so she won’t get in trouble. Tsiky knew that her sister Liza would suffer when she wasn’t around. That family really needed her. Tsiky was allowed to go out on Sundays, and come back home in the evening. Sometimes, she was having too much fun and didn’t want to go home yet. She’d come back the next day making an excuse like she couldn’t find a bus to come back. As time passed, there was a pang of jealousy in Tsiky towards her sister. Liza had the life that she wanted. She was sick of being treated like maid, though she was. She hated to be ordered, and yelled at. She also hated the family dog that she had to clean up its poop outside every morning. It was Tsiky’s turn to take control. She poisoned the poor little dog and blamed the neighbors for doing it. She wanted Liza to become completely useless physically. All Tsiky did was go to someone, who helped her put a curse on her sister. This time Liza was really frail She had incessant terrible headaches; feverish and dizzy all the time. When the pain is terrible, Liza would let out an agonizing scream. Sometimes she couldn’t stand up too long, and had to lie in bed most of the time.

It was impossible for Liza to attend any family event. She didn’t want to be humiliated by having an attack in front of people. She preferred to stay locked up at home. Tsiky felt satisfaction watching her sister condition worsen day by day. They tried everything to heal Liza. So much money was spent, paying different doctors who couldn’t figure out her illness.  Her parents thought that she was possessed by a demon. So they called a preacher to exorcise their daughter during several days. It didn’t work. One day Liza became unconscious; her family didn’t know what to do. Her husband lied by her side begging her not to die. Tsiky waited so long for this moment to come. Though it didn’t end up how Tsiky expected it to. Liza got back the little strength she had. Someone told her about a woman who was gifted to heal people. Liza went there weekly until she got better. The woman told Liza to be careful; because she was cursed by a person close to her. Her family told her not to trust her sister Tsiky who had a bad reputation toward their family. Liza thought deeply about everything that her family told her. Since the arrival of Tsiky a lot of things changed, especially concerning her health. Liza decided to fire her maid who became strange and hard headed lately. It wasn’t easy. Tsiky didn’t want to leave. She had no one to take her in; even her own family. She was terrified to live in the streets. She begged to stay but Liza didn’t care.

Liza’s life during that moment changed. She was obliged to do all the house chores which she hated. She had no choice. Liza was angry and frustrated to be left in this situation. It was either working hard taking care of her household or her life taken.


It doesn’t have to be a stranger or a friend who’ll betray us. It can be a family member too. Never say that my family or siblings will never do that to me. You’re wrong. You judge the person how they act in front of you. How well do you know that person? Everyone knows how to be a hypocrite, especially if there’s something they want to get. So in life always be cautious and not to naïve. People will just take advantage of you. What I wrote here is not a made up story. It’s really a situation that happened in a society. 

One thought on “Close Betrayal

  1. It’s so true.
    My mother used to work with relatives but she was fed up at the end. These relatives believed that my mother would never dare to fire them so they did not work well, were always late…
    My mother was in a tough situation when he hired her aunt. For Malagasy people, we need to respect elders especially parents, an aunt is like a parent. It was hard for her to tell the truth and stop working with her.
    How often have we heard someone cheating on her sister’s husband, a close friend disclosing secrets…
    You’re so right, each one of us should be really cautious.

    And great story as ussual my dear Moon 😉

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