In M/car each women has a choice to work or stay home and take care of her family. How is it like to be a Malagasy house wife? Everyday she wakes up very early in the morning before anyone else. She prepares breakfast for the family. Only a few households can afford to use gas stoves. Charcoal is usually used to cook the meals. In the countryside they use woods. In our country for breakfast we don’t eat cereal or pancakes. We love eating rice three times per day. It’s our main food. So for breakfast the housewife cooks rice, which is cooked with more water. She fries eggs or meat to eat along with the rice. During the meantime, she irons the clothes her husband and children will wear for the day. If she didn’t have the time to finish her ironing last night. She would wake up everybody to eat. After breakfast she would wash up the kids and get them dressed. Finally she’s alone at home, which means tons of house chores waiting for her. Time is very precious for a Malagasy house wife. In so little time, she has a lot to get done. Everyone comes back home for lunch around at noon. First she has to get the entire house cleaned, before she can go food shopping. Trying to figure what to prepare for a meal is a tough job. So she spends some time around the market place bargaining and choosing carefully what she buys. Rushing back home immediately to start the cooking again. If there’s a baby, she has to take her child to the market with her too. So imagine heavy groceries in one arm and the baby in the other. Some women do like carrying their baby on their back. The meal has to be ready before the rest of the family comes home. The lunch break isn’t that long, so everyone eats quickly and goes back to work and school. There she is alone again with mounds of dishes to be washed. Does every household have a dishwasher? I don’t think so. So she hand washes the dishes, and scrubs all the pans. Even if that’s all done there’s no time to take a break. Most of the people like washing their laundry on Saturdays. But it’s better when you have free time to wash it little by little everyday. It will be nice to have a washing machine, and throw all those clothes inside of it and do something else. That’s not always the case. Majority of the people here hand wash their laundry or have someone to wash it for them when they can’t. It’s a very tiring back breaking moment. No one wants to go around wearing filthy clothes. So it’s worth it. How long will that take, maybe hours it depends? After that sweep and clean the house again if necessary. Check the laundry basket if there’s still some not ironed clothes in it. If there is she has to make sure all clothes are ironed. Most of the time she is too busy to notice how time flies. It’s getting late which means back to the cooking. After dinner everyone goes to do everything they want, while she’s there washing those dishes again. So she wonders will her house chores ever end. Making sure everything was done, that is when she can finally take a rest. Being a house wife isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work. The big difference is that you don’t get paid like those women who work. Some of you wonder why not hire a maid to help out? Having a maid is a waste of money, and makes a person lazy. The most important is that you enjoy what you’re doing; especially taking care of a family.


  1. Very nice artical.
    In general all agrobased countries, has same culture. It is part of life.
    Don’t think that childrens and husbands are enjoying in office.(lol)

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