“I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. Here we are alone, with no one to bother us. Just you and me. We’ve known each other for awhile. I guess we were both shy and never dared to date each other, but now everything changed. It’s been a week now; we’ve started going out together. You’re finally mine Carina. I love looking at your beautiful face. I can feel that you’re different from the other girls I’ve dated. There’s something special about you.” “Jaona are you saying all that just to flatter me. It was love at first sight when we met each other. Stop touching me like that you’re making me nervous.” “Carina I know you like my caress. Don’t push my hand away.” “I know what you have in mind but I’m not ready for it. I said stop touching me like that! Get your hands out of my t-shirt!” Carina yelled struggling to get away from his grip. “Don’t try to play innocent with me. I know it’s not your first time.” Jaona said angrily, grabbing her back. “Damn it! It’s my first time. I’m still a virgin ok! You gotta problem with that.” Carina sobbed. “No, no, no I don’t. I didn’t know that you were still a virgin. I hope I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk. I swear I really love you Carina. I already waited a week; I mean that’s long enough isn’t it. If a guy waits longer than that he’ll just lose his mind. Especially a guy like me, who is use to have girlfriends. If you really love me as I love you. You’ll offer this chance to be the first with you. You’ll make me the happiest guy in the world. I had never dated a girl like you. Still a virgin at this time, wow! Unbelievable, I thought those kind of girls didn’t exist anymore. I knew you were special.” “Jaona I really love you a lot. I prefer older guys than me. You’re handsome, single and already working. That is the kind of guy all girls dream about. Don’t think I accept to be with you for your money. I love you for who you are.” “Prove to me that you really love me. Right now. You know what you gotta do.” Jaona begged. “I’ll do anything for you. It’s just that I want to wait for my wedding to lose my virginity.” “Carina what are you afraid of? You know that I work which means I’m stable. I promise that you can always count on me no matter what. You have nothing to worry about. I’ll work hard and save money for our future.” “Do you really mean what you’re saying Jaona?” “Would I lie to this angel of mine? Trust me and I’ll make you the luckiest and happiest girl in the world.” Jaona smiled. Carina was crazy about this guy. She knew her friends and schoolmates envied her being with Jaona. She didn’t want to lose him. She accepted to satisfy his desire. They lied naked next to each other. Jaona had this foolish grin that wouldn’t leave his face. As a guy, he felt proud. Carina felt cold and sad. She felt that precious part of her was taken away. Nothing would bring it back, it was too late. “Get dressed I’m taking you home. I don’t want my family to see us here.” Jaona said, getting up leaving Carina there speechless. On their way home no one spoke a word, both lost in their thoughts. As month passed, Carina didn’t hear from Jaona anymore. He didn’t bother to call or even to see how she was doing. What devastated Carina the most wasn’t that Jaona not caring about her, it was your belly getting bigger. The poor girl was pregnant. She didn’t know what to do. If she tells her parents they’ll surely kick her out the house. She went to Jaona’s house, he wasn’t there neither at work. Carina walked back home in tears. There was Jaona hand in hand with another girl. They were laughing and seemed to have a good time. He didn’t notice her until Carina approached him. “How could you? Look what you did too me.” Carina screamed pointing at her bulging belly. “Who is this girl? The girl asked Jaona surprised of seeing how furious Carina was. “I have no idea. I never saw her in my life.” Jaona denied. “What! After you’ve got me pregnant, you pretend not to know me. I thought you loved me. What about all those promises?” Carina cried. “You probably confused me with someone else. Go away you’re interrupting us.” Jaona got up, pushing Carina. “You lied, nothing but lies. You never loved me then. What am I gonna do with our baby? How will I take care of it?” “Get out of my sight! That’s your problem!” Jaona yelled leaving with his new girlfriend. Carina ran after them, grabbed Jaona’s jacket. “I have something else important to tell you.” she told Jaona who was losing his patience. “I don’t care! Foolish girl!” he continued walking away laughing hysterically. Carina had no other choice than to tell her parents about her pregnancy. It turned out bad. They got angry and kicked her out the house. She had nowhere to go or anyone to help her. Carina went directly to the police station. She told the police that she was only 16 yrs old and raped by Jaona. It was a shock for Jaona’s grandmother to see the police at their door. She thought something bad happened to one of her family. They had to call him at work to come home directly. “I didn’t know that she was underage or even pregnant. She lied to me about her age.” Jaona said trying to defend himself. The police put handcuffs on him, and lead him to the police car. “Carina how could you do this to me? I thought you loved me but you lied.” Jaona cried. “Now we’re even. You’re going to be put in jail for the rest of your life. While baby and I will be living on the streets for the rest our lives.” Carina thought to herself. Jaona screamed for forgiveness. Carina walked away laughing hysterically.


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