Touch Me if You Dare !

For hours Johary waited impatiently for his client to come to his office. He loved his job as a lawyer but sometimes it can be very annoying. He looking at his watch, it was already late. Most of his coworkers already left, leaving him alone there. This morning his client told him that she needed to talk to him this evening, and it was very important. Until now she hadn’t arrived, at least she could have called if she couldn’t make yet. Everyone around Johary keeps asking him, why he doesn’t buy a car or a motorcycle. It’s not money problem the reason. Johary isn’t married or have any kids. He still lives with his beloved parents. It’s that Johary is afraid of accidents which he never admitted to anyone. On the news practically every day someone is killed in a car or motorcycle accident. He cherishes life too much to die so young. Johary knew that if he waited any longer he’ll miss the bus. He got up and locked the door, leaving the office. He didn’t bother saying bye to the guardians who were busy playing cards. It was already dark outside. The worst part was people were already lining up waiting for the last bus. How could so many people fit in one bus? That would be impossible, which means when the bus comes everyone will run and try to squeeze in it. At that moment people would be pushing, shoving just to get in. someone would just slap you hard in the face to get through. Johary hated those moments but he had to get home no matter what. Here comes the bus. It started getting hysterical. Johary held tight on his brief case so it won’t drop. It was the time for the strong people to show their strength and the weak to back off. A guy kept pushing Johary to the side. The woman on his other side kept pinching him. Johary didn’t feel like being Mister Nice guy this time. He took his brief case and hit everyone that was on his way. Breathlessly he entered the bus feeling exhausted and bruised. The same guy was still shoving him. “Stop pushing me Sir! Can’t you see you’re already in the bus? What’s your problem?” Johary shouted at the man. “I’m not deaf, and no need to shout!” replied the furious man. Suddenly the bus stop, the bus driver’s aid told them that there was a problem with the motor, and they have to fix it. People started to complain about getting home late. Johary knew that is parents will be very worried especially his mom. He looked for his cellphone in his pant pocket which wasn’t there anymore. Someone had stolen it. Johary felt angry and sad because that one cost him a fortune. The man looked at him. “I’m sure that it was you who stole my cellphone. You kept following me all the time.” Johary yelled pointing at the surprised man. “WHAT! Are you calling me a thief? You probably dropped it somewhere and blame it on me. I don’t even know you why should I follow you?” the man shouted back. “I can see the guilt in your eyes. Don’t think I’m a fool. You better give me back my cellphone or else!” Johary growled. Everyone in the bus was watching them argue. Johary was too mad to feel any shame fighting in a bus. “Are you threatening me? You don’t even know who I am. They don’t call me Rafred for no reason.” “They can call you whatever I don’t give a damn. Don’t make me lose my temper! I swear I’ll …” Johary screamed raising his hand about to hit the guy. “Touch me if dare, if you want to regret it for the rest of your life.” Rafred laughed. “Damn it give me back my cellphone.” “How can I give you something back that I don’t even have?” Rafred yelled. Johary couldn’t take it anymore, and punched Rafred. It became very silent in the bus. Everyone waited for Rafred to answer but he didn’t. “I told you not to touch me but you dared. You don’t even know who you’re messing with.” Rafred shrieked leaving the bus. “You’re not going to give me back my cellphone! Keep it I don’t want it anymore.” Johary yelled back feeling satisfied. Everyone went back to their seat not saying a word. It was really late when he got home; his parents were already in bed when Johary entered the house. The next morning he wasn’t feeling well. His entire body ached, especially his hand. They became very puffy and red. The color of his nails began to change. He couldn’t pick anything up with his inflamed hand. Johary had to go back to work today. There’s a very important meeting at the office he has to attend. He had to hide his ugly looking hand, but how? It’s strange to wear gloves on a hot day. “What happened to your hand?” a coworker asked looking disgusted. “It got stung by a bee.” Johary lied, trying not to show that his in pain. “Isn’t this your cellphone, you dropped it when you left the office. The guardian found it.” She told Johary. Throughout the meeting he couldn’t concentrate at all. His nails turned black and pus came out. He told them he was ill and went back home. Johary felt relieved that no one was at home. On his way to his bedroom, his nails fell on the floor. Johary screamed in horror. Nothing ever happened to him like this in his entire life. His thoughts came back to Rafred. He puts some gloves on, not caring what people might think. He walked back and forth at the bus stop hoping to see Rafred who was on the other side talking to someone. “Rafred I’m so glad to see you.” Johary whispered. “WHAT! The man who blamed me last night for stealing his cellphone. Have you lost your mind or what?” Rafred snapped. “I came to apologize. I left it at my office yesterday. I’m very sorry.” Johary said weakly. “After humiliating me in front of everyone, no way!” “My hand really hurts badly, and even my nails came off. I know you have something to do with it.” Johary cried. “People like you need to be taught a lesson. You can’t blame anyone if you don’t have proof. I want you to get down on your knees and say sorry. If you don’t you’ll lose both of your hands” Rafred warned him. “Com’on you’re kidding me. I’m not going to do that in front of all these people. It’s also market day. I’m not gonna put myself that low.” “I thought that you learned your lesson but I was wrong. Do what I told you or say goodbye to your hands.” Rafred said loudly making people turn to watch them. Johary knew without his hands, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. He got slowly down on his knees on the dirty ground and begged for forgiveness. He wanted to disappear hearing the laughter around him. Rafred forgave him and told him to go back home and not to worry about his hand. Johary left feeling so humiliated but relieved that his hand will heal.

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