When was the last time you picked up a book and actually enjoyed reading it? It seems that most of us really forgot about reading. Or we’re just not use to it.  During our free times, we prefer watching TV, listening to music, playing sports or video games, Internet especially Facebook, or just hanging out with our friends and family. Why don’t we try something different like reading a book? Some of you might think that’s boring, a waste of time, or fun. As we know there are various kinds of books; it’s up to us to choose the book we’ll appreciate. I asked some people why they don’t like reading; most of their answers were too many new and complicated vocabulary. They’re lazy to check the meaning of the vocabulary in the dictionary. What we don’t know is reading gives us knowledge and can make us intelligent. We can learn a lot from the books we read. Maybe you want to travel around the world, but you can’t afford the trip. Read a book about the country you want to visit. If you watch a documentary on TV about the country, you’ll only know a little in a limited time. But in a book you’ll find a lot of information and it’s more detailed. There will be photos, history, and about the culture and the customs of the country. Some books were turned into movies but most of it weren’t that good compared to the book. A lot of scenario was left out. I’ve read the books of the famous writer Stephen King. When you watch the movie it isn’t scary as the book. Why? When you read a book you use your imagination to picture the story in your mind. You want to continue reading and reading to see what will occur next. I can tell you that it is more fun, than watching it on TV.

How to love reading? Choose the right book. A book you will be able to read from the beginning to the end. Remember reading is a “pleasure not a punishment.”  Worried about the unknown vocabulary? When you read a book, you won’t know and understand every word you see. Reading builds your vocabulary, and can improve your writing and speaking. Each time you see a new vocabulary write it down and find the meaning in a dictionary. Don’t be lazy. It helps you understand what you’re reading and remember the vocabulary. Next time you see or hear the word, you’ll understand what it means right away. You can use it when you talk too.  At first it will be tiring, frustrating and really annoying, but when you continue reading other books the words you don’t know will lessen. The more you read; you’ll get use to it and won’t have a hard time anymore. Some say they don’t have time to read a book. In life if we know to manage our time we have time for any activity. You don’t have to read a book for an entire day. Take 30mn or an hour per day to read a book. I tell you reading a book is awesome. It’s fun and very interesting. I read many books in my life. The best kind of books I like reading are the ones with no illustrations. I really love using my imagination when I read. It depends on the kind of book you read. If you’re really concentrating, you feel like you’re taking part of the story you read. Make reading one of your favorite hobbies and also one of your best friends not your enemy. You won’t regret it. I guarantee you there are advantages you can get from reading a book.

If you want to enter a world of books the best place is a library. A library is a building that houses collection of books and other materials. Nowadays we have the online books in the Internet. Not everyone can afford to have their own Internet at home. Going to a cybercafé spends a lot of money if you want to read an online book. Best place to go is the library. You can borrow the book which isn’t expensive or even free. Read it anytime you want. Having that book in your hand and turning the pages is a great sensation.

Enjoy reading no word can express how great it is.


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