Wonders of Madagascar I

Madagascar is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. There are many different kinds of animals ,reptiles, and insects. Despite the political Crisis 2009 that occured in the country. How can we forget the beauty of its nature.

Some of those faunas are in extinction now. We have to find ways to protect the environment.

We’ll just let the images , we see above speak for it self.


Destruction of Antananarivo II ( Crisis 2009)

By looking at the pictures above , you can see how terrible the destruction was. During the last Crisis 2002, there wasn’t much damage compared to this time. Everyone was a victim. When Andry Rajoelina the Mayor and his followers decided to continue the strike at 13 mey avenue. They didn’t stop until they destroyed the capital Antananarivo. A group of men started to attack any shops and clothing departements, that they saw. They busted the entrances and so the people could go in. They didn’t just rob , they also burned down the place. The saddest is that alot of people got trapped in the fire , while they stole, and burned to death. They stole and broke everything that came in sight.

They actually dared to destroy and burn down the National TV and Radio which was never touched even in previous Crisis.

Now alot of people are jobless and the owners of the shops have a great deal of loss. Whoever commited those are God fearless people. Most of the stolen objects they sell it cheap in the street.

Now life became more difficult and expensive than before. Everyone suffers for the thoughtless acts that others did. The street are filthy.

What happened to the beautiful and clean Capital before??

It seems like a dream , if we look what became of it now.

Is this a way to declare ” Real Democracy” by robbing and burning down people’s places and stores??

Is Violence necessary to get what we want???

Destruction of Antananarivo I (Crisis 2009)

The wounds from the Crisis 2002 hasn’t healed yet. During that time alot of people sacrificed their lives to see a new change for Madagascar. The age didn’t matter at that time. Malagasy people came together as one to  support  the candidate who they thought could bring hope and developpment for their beloved country Madagascar. During that time I was in Fianarantsoa, I remember the screams of terror of the people trying to run away from the gunshots and grenades and tear gas. I saw people die with my own eyes. It was really devastating. We prayed that terrible year will never return. Alot of families and friends died because they risked their lives.

Unfortunately the nightmare returned. Now we’re in the Crisis 2009. Some people were disappointed with those who lead the country. They think that Democracy isn’t respected. They showed their unhappiness by doing a strike first at Ambohijatovo and decided to go down to the famous 13 may. The saddest about it is that we just celebrated the New year 2009, hoping for a better life and maybe some of us had our New Years Resolutions and plans. To start this New year for us , Malagasy people is this terrible crisis.

As you see in the pictures above.Those who doesn’t accept the government and its surroundings sensitize people not to work or go to school, but to join them to do the strike. There were some schools , the strikers dared to terrorize the students to leave their school. Or they will take them out and destroy the schools. The students didn’t have a choice and left terrified. Even the policemen who are responsible of the circulation couldn’t do their job because of the strikers.

Certain people decided to find a way so that no one can go to work or to school. There was a group of guys who weren’t ashamed to empty the trashbins and carry it in the middle of the road.They used it  as roadblocks and even destroyed other objects to block the cars and buses  from going. Those who were obliged to go to work   had to walk. It wasn’t near at all. For me , I had to walk for 2 hours to reach my destination. Others joked that it was the best time to do exercise. It was very fustrating and tiring. They even blocked certain work places. The town became very filthy and caused more traffic than ever.

Is this how we should declare “Democracy”  by blocking the roads and terrorizing people???

Really, all of us Malagasy people should open our minds  and realize that what we’re doing isn’t making our lives better.  We’re just killing ourselves and destroying our country.

To be continued……

Christmas in the Air!!!

img000052Christmas is in the air!!! All around Tana , you can see the streets crowded with sellers and people who are doing their Christmas shopping. The children are really happy to see the different kinds of toys. Some begs their parents to buy them what they like. If the parents can afford it, there’s no problem. But those who are still broke, their kids just have tantrums. It’s really difficult to keep them quiet. For some adults, looking at those toys reminds us of our childhood or just wish that we can become kids again and play with it.

During this time , people like decorating their homes with Christmas trees ( big or small). It’s nice to decorate with beautiful different kinds of ornaments. If you decide to decorate your tree with candies. Don’t be surprised if it disapears little by little.

img00009-23In this festivity , some likes disguising themselves. As in Santa Claus and roam around the streets to share candies to the children. The children are very happy and excited to see Santa Claus. Some are also terrified of the mask some Santa Clauses wear. The most important is that we can bring joy and put a smile on faces.


This girl is modeling for this artist who draws people’s portraits. This isn’t bad idea to give someone your portrait for a Christmas Gift. It would be different from the presents we usually give. Your family, friends, and love one will be thrilled to have a nice self portrait of you. Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyful and safe and above all FUN “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!!!!

Unending Fight Against Aids


It’s had been a longtime that we tried to sensitize people to fight against Aids. The message is getting through for some people but others aren’t really convinced how fatal this disease can be. December 1st was the The Worlds Day of Aids. I was invited to attend a movie projection that was organized by The American Embassy at the Ampitheâtre de l’Ecole Normale Superieure, Ampefiloha. The title of the film is ” House on Fire” by Mustapha Khan.

The film talked about how the African- Americans respond to Aids. There were testimonies of victms with Hiv/Aids or their family members that had it. It was so heartbreaking. Here are some of the testimonies:

  • A single mother went out with the wrong person and had unsafe sex. She said that she really regretted what she did. It was very difficult to tell her only child that Mama is going to die. What really frightned her is to think about her teen daughter to be left as an orphan in this cruel world.
  • Another mother never left her child’s side until the day her daughter died in her arms. The woman said that she was devastated and heartbroken. She felt that a part of her died too.
  • A little boy told the sad story that happened to his Mama. He said that he didn’t know what his mother had. It seemed like a very bad flu not like the one he gets. His mother never dared to tell them what was really wrong. The little boy didn’t know the truth til the day his mom died.
  • One man hid the truth about his illness to his family and friends during 11 yrs. He was afraid to let anyone to know; because he didn’t want to get rejected and discriminated by society. Finally he decided to join an association with people that has the same case as him. He said that a heavy load came off his shoulders during all these years when he finally accepted and admitted that he had Aids. He was ready to help others like him and sensitize those not victims yet.
  • Another man thought that getting Aids will never happen to him. He thought that only homosexual people get it . As a straight person, and father the day he heard that the result was positive. He wanted to commit suicide. He didn’t know how to break the news to his wife and son. The day he told them. He thought they will reject and leave him. Fortunately , they him supported and they became closer as a family than ever.

Watching the people break down in tears while they testified; really was depressing. One Doctor said that :” Aids isn’t a death sentence. You can live with Aids.” She meant that if the person gets tested right away and takes the medecine they should. They have a chance to live a little bit longer and have a normal life.

After the movie , there was a debate about Aids. Most of the people who took part in it; were from different NGO’s associations and doctors. One woman doctor testified that in 1991 , that very ill man came to her for help. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He did a blood test and was diagonased with Hiv. The man blurted out that he had too many sexual partners in his life. He has dated around 11 people ( males and females) during a year.

Even if we still have a low Aids rate here in Madagascar. Most of the people who does the blood test are those who are already sure that they’re probably aren’t contaminated. But those who don’t do it ; have doubts about their health. And afraid to learn the truth.

We should continue to sensitize people in town and the countryside, so the rate won’t raise…..


Each time you leave your front door, sometimes you wonder what will you see or happen in the outside world. It was a Tuesday, and I took a bus to Ambohijatovo. There was alot of  traffic until the tunnel. It was a good thing that I was sitting near the window, sucking in polluted air; lol!! I really hate being stuck in traffic ; especially during a hot day. If you look at other bus riders, there practically snoring in there seats. And I wonder if they’ll wake up before they miss their stop. Well; I guess the weather can have that kind of affect on people. Waiting patiently as my bus creeps along. I suddenly put my head out the window; which is a stupid thing to do. Never try this kids!! What a surprise I saw; the cause of the traffic wasn’t because of a broken down car. I saw a  woman lying  right in the middle of the street. She looked kind of filthy and wet. So the cars tried not to step on her and they went slow. She seemed to be in a very deep sleep. She didn’t move at all. There was a policeman nearby, and I know he saw this woman who was creating the annoying traffic jam. He just didn’t care. He kept on doing his job. The people on the sidewalk was just gawking at the woman. No one didn’t do anything , to at least move her or wake her up.  The policeman pretended not to see her and why would others care? There was a four wheeler behind us, and I guess it didn’t see the woman lying there. It stepped over her arm. The weirdest thing was that she  didn’t budge. People started hollowing trying to warn the car. The driver didn’t care and ran over her. It was a good thing that he was going slow. If not, there would be blood everywhere.

Frankly, if something happens to you especially in the street. People will just stare at you and make the matter worse. A good Samaritan is very rare to see, nowadays. Once there was a young student at Andavamamba raped by a crazy man. No one tried to take the man off. Actually they were happy to see the ” live show”.  Who really cares if something happens to you in the street? The policeman? The other people?  So when you go out . It’s better if you be careful and you can’t always rely on people to help you.

Watercolor Painting (Part II)

Here are some more of JIIN‘s watercolor paintings. The paintings already talk for themselves. If you walk around in the streets , you can see other interesting paintings as his. It’s not easy to create a work of art like this. It takes time and passion, and above all inspiration.

* Here we have a nice painting of the Ring tailed Lemur.

* Here is “Andrianampoinimerina” or “The-King-in-the-Heart-of-Imerina”, born as Rambo.salama or Ramboasalamarazaka, nicknamed Nampoina, Imboasalama, or Ny Ombalahibemaso “The-Big-Eyed-Bull”

* The Mpihira Gasy giving a dance demonstration

* A man making the famous “Mofo gasy” which is a Malagasy bread;made from a batter of sweetened rice flour that is poured into greased circular molds and cooked over charcoals.

* A man going home with his

* The little happy school boy holding his new satchel

*A man going back home with his zebu – drawn wagon

* A typical Malagasy woman piggy backing her child and holding the other one

*A strong young fisherman in his dugout canoe in the evening

*A young man trying to see who’s stronger and smarter him or the zebu

* A cock fight , whether you gain alot of money or lose all you have. Betting , which is the strongest cock

* A mother breast feeding her child.

* A dugout canoe left by it’s owner